Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It’s Just Because I Love You Day!

I would love to start a holiday called “It’s Just Because I love you Day”, a day for anyone celebrated by anyone. You would choose how and when the celebration begins and ends. Ok to those of you reading this you are probably wondering what kind of holiday is this. A holiday with no set date and month in which to celebrate it, well that’s a stupid idea…right…? No… Wrong!

Let’s take a look at Mother’s Day while it is still fresh in our minds. This is a day set aside in May to honor and celebrate Mom to the highest extent. We shower her with cards, flowers, gifts, and taking Mom out for dinner. A set date on the calendar that our minds have been programmed to engage in. For me I believe in a true expression of one’s emotions happening in real time, not in a day called Mother’s Day. Now don’t get me wrong it is nice to be treated special, no Sunday dinner to prepare, receiving lots of cards and gifts from loved ones. Yes, a very special day, but what about the other days on the calendar? I also happen to think that it would be great to have a day when you decide to do something special for your Mom or Dad or anyone for that matter just because you love them.

My first experience with it’s just because I love you day came early in my marriage one Valentine’s Day. I received a beautiful card from my husband and nothing else, my expectation was to also receive a box of chocolates and some flowers. I did not understand this ‘untraditional’ Valentine’s Day until many weeks later. It was on a Saturday when I was doing some house cleaning. I was in my sweat pants and t-shirt, hair pulled up with my total focus on getting the job done, when my husband walks in with this large box and some beautiful flowers. Right away I responded with it’s not my birthday, what’s the occasion?

There was no special occasion or date on the calendar; it was my husband’s real true emotions in his real time. This expression of his love for me far exceeded the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that husbands present to their wives. Through out my marriage I have been the recipient of it’s just because I love you day, and I must say I have personally learned a great deal from this sincere expression of how much I am loved and thought about by my husband. I believe this is the greatest form of honor and celebration that you can bestow upon a person.

Why not surprise that special someone in your life with a just because I love you day and start your own personal holidays. Who knows, “It’s Just Because I Love You Day” may catch on?

What was in the box? A huge chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart that said… yes, you guessed it… Just because I love you!


Just Because

Just Because

Just Because
Just Because

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flowers for Mom

Mother Sweet Mother you are like a beautiful spring bloom,

Mother Sweet Mother your warm heart is as pure as the summer sun,

Mother Sweet Mother your smile is as full as the eastern sky,

Mother Sweet Mother your arms open wide as the sea to embrace me with your love,

Mother Sweet Mother, oh how I love you so!

And in ALL that God created he choose you to be my mother.

Thank you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Since this priceless gift God gave us
Must from us one day depart,
Lavish her with love and kindness,
Real true love, with all your heart. – Stairs

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To all Moms everywhere have a Happy Mother’s Day with your family!