Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Amazing Little Girl…

I just returned from spending a week with an amazing little girl… my second granddaughter ten plus years removed. It was about mid week when I decided that I would write about her in my September Blog.

As my husband and I were driving home from Chesapeake Virginia I was already reminiscing about the week we spent with her and her two older brothers. I had previously expressed to my husband a sadness that I had been feeling from time to time thinking about how she was growing up without me… and not seeing her as often as I would have liked to. Yes, I did spend an entire week with her 16 months ago when she was born. I’ve watched cell phone videos of her walking and doing new things and I’ve received many photos of her through email, but having the opportunity to bond with her while her parents were away was priceless.

Grammy as all of my grandchildren call me was the first person that she saw when she opened her eyes in the morning and from her nap. And the last person that she cuddled with before she finally drifted off to sleep at night… she has an amazing personality! Happy, playful, feisty, eager, curious and full of life!

 I tend to think that a child who has older siblings seems to grow   up much faster and my granddaughter certainly bares this out. I watched this little girl wrestle with her brothers, ages 8 and 6 as she tried to imitate their football and basketball moves, determined to be included in the fun. I also witnessed her girly-girly side whenever we got dressed as she pointed to her lips for lip gloss too. This little girl never would miss out on an opportunity to leave the house for a stroll with her Grammy in her trend setting, “oh so necessary”, fashion accessory; her pink sunglasses planted firmly upon her bright beautiful little face.

I am thankful for the time that I spent with her and very soon I will be just two hours away... for now I will still cherish all the videos and photos that I receive of her!


To become a Grandparent is a special gift from God… Thank you Lord for blessing me to have five beautiful grandchildren and possibly more!

Photos by Grammy and Pop-Pop

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