Saturday, August 28, 2010

This summer

When August begins to draw to a close I usually take the time to reflect on what kind of summer it has been. The summer of 2010 was very hot, challenging and frustrating at times for me, with many blessings mixed in. My summer has been consumed with prepping our home for sale which has turned into a major makeover; so much so when I look around I am left wondering who lives here… my house has been packed away in boxes awaiting a new home.

My husband and I managed to see a few summer box office movie hits and took an entire Saturday off to attend a long over due family and friends barbeque which was a refreshing break from the usual weekend grind. I found myself focusing on the little things that we did do this summer. Like going to a Saturday matinee and finding the theater pretty much vacant, which probably had more to do with people going to the shore to escape the heat than our movie choice; the numerous times we sat on the patio having early morning coffee and of course taking our evening walks. All of these things were just as significant, enjoyable and memorable as a “big” deal vacation spent away from home.

The summer of 2010 wasn’t so bad after all! We actually did go on vacation; it was just slightly different from the vacations we have taken in the past.

I leave you with some snapshots of past and present summer experiences!


I hope that everyone really enjoyed their summer. Have a great and safe Labor Day!

Photos by Trish

Gallery Photos for purchase courtesy of Redbubble

4th of July Fireworks Photo by LJN

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