Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crying out Again…

Gulf Oil Rig Explosion Photo by Anthony Watts

For the life of me I don’t understand why it takes a disaster of enormous magnitude and claiming the lives of many before we begin to cry out loud and clear that immediate action needs to take place so that something like this never happens again. Then and only then with expediency barking at our heels do we begin to address the issue(s), to examine what happen under a microscope, appoint a commission and sift through the accounts leading up to the disaster with a fine tooth comb… Why?

In the case of the Gulf oil spill day 55 and counting, we have been down this road before and the outcome has still been the same. Only the terminology, oil lingo, company name and community have changed. So where do we go from here as we watch the live feed of the oil gushing out of the pipe day after day, waiting and praying that we can some how stop another oil leak… which right now would take a miracle from God.

Mr. President I believe that you already know and understand the energy direction that this country needs to take. Your direction will help us to embrace a new energy policy for the 21st century, which is a key component for the survival of our natural resources that we are the primary partakers of. I cry out to our Senators, congressman/woman, Democrats and Republicans, Corporate CEO’s and we the people… stop all of the separate agendas, playing the blame game and name calling. We have a community that is hurting, eleven families that are grieving at the loss of their loved ones. Not to mention livelihoods threaten, and eco-systems changed for ever. We MUST agree on the right energy policy for this country, arrogance and greed will bleed us all dry and destroy the abundance that nature has given to us.

Do we ignore the warning signs so that we can continue to worship profits and benefits’, all the while looking the other way until it all blows up in our face… and then the cry goes out loud and clear again that something must be done? Whether it is Wall Street, the Auto industry, the Coal industry, or the health industry we MUST STOP REACTING TO THE DISATER and ENACT laws, policies, procedures and guidelines FIRST!

I ask our lawmakers and voters to think, really think about the consequences of sticking our heads in the sand and doing what amounts to be nothing at all but crying out and saying that something needs to be done. The Gulf oil spill disaster has brought us all to a crossroads and we can either stay on the same road of crying out again or take a new road that has never been travel on before… or as our President expressed, let’s make it right for the people in the Gulf and especially those who have lost loved ones… Let’s get it RIGHT!


To return good for good is human; to return good for evil is divine. –Taken from Our Daily Bread June 6th 2010


More Cloudy Days for Louisiana…

New Orleans Dining


Pensacola Beach, Florida

Taken For Granted - "We thought that we would have it (pristine beaches) forever"... from a
woman on Pensacola Beach.

Brown Pelican: Time Magazine
Katrina Photo: Photographer Unknown
Pensacola Photos: by LJN
New Orleans Photos: by Trish
Trish Nicholas Photography @

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