Friday, August 5, 2011

Burnt Bagel… Really!

I usually start my morning off with a cup of regular java, no sugar, cream or milk and a nice bagel. The other morning that “nice” bagel turned out to be a burnt bagel thanks to our finicky toaster, which I keep saying that I am going to get rid of. I had taken my attention from toasting my bagel and began opening up the mail that I had just brought in from the mailbox, when I heard the bagel pop up, I knew that my nice morning bagel had turned into something less than desirable to put into my mouth.

After getting mad at the toaster and myself, I began scraping the burnt pieces of the bagel into the drain so that the bagel could become somewhat eatable. As I looked at the scraped bagel on the plate my mind flashed to the news story about the Somalia famine, the images of the Somalia people suffering began to flood through my mind. There were men, woman, infants, children and the elderly starving to death, no food, no water, nothing, leaving their war torn homes and struggling to make their way to a place where they could get food and be safe… I said to myself a burnt bagel Trish… really!

Hopefully after reading this you will remember that there is someone in the world who is starving and would certainly take that burnt piece of toast or bagel with or without the burnt pieces being scraped off. Yes, it would have been very easy for me to have tossed my burnt bagel into the trash and toasted another one, but in my house growing up we were taught that we did not waste our food, so I knew that I would be eating this bagel.

If you are not into scraping off the burnt pieces of your toast or bagel and eating it like I ended up doing, don’t throw it away toss it into a zip-lock bag, scrape the burnt pieces off later and then turn that bread into bread crumbs… Win! Win!


You can help the people in Somalia
For a list of charitable organizations click on the MSNBC nightly news link:

Somalian refugees disembark a bus in the registration area of the IFO refugee camp which makes up part of the giant Dadaab refugee settlement, July 23. The refugee camp at Dadaab, located close to the Kenyan border with Somalia, was originally designed in the early 1990s to accommodate 90,000 people but the UN estimates over 4 times as many reside there. (Oli Scarff / Getty Images)

A severely malnourished Somali child receives Oral Rehydration Salts [O.R.S.] at Mogadishu's Banadir hospital, on July 28. (Mustafa Abdi / AFP - Getty Images)

Farhiya (centre) holds her 7-year-old sister Suladan by the hand as they follow their mother and brothers at the reception center of the Dolo Ado refugee camp near the Ethiopia-Somalia border on July 19. Refugees are being housed at the transit center while a new camp is being set up by the Ethiopian goverment and international aid organizations. Thousands of Somalis have fled in recent months to neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya in search of food and water, with many dying along the way. (Roberto Schmidt / AFP - Getty Images)

Children drink water from the same place as cattle at Liboi, Kenya, on July 27. UNICEF says it is trying to vaccinate more than 300,000 children in Kenya in an emergency program designed to prevent an outbreak of disease as refugees stream into northern Kenya from famine-hit Somalia. (Schalk van Zuydam / AP)

"WATCH: Iman On Somalia's 'Heartbreaking' Famine:

The Global Enrichment

Save The Children:

Proverbs 27:7 “A person who is full refuses honey, but even bitter food tastes sweet to the hungry.” (NLT)

Proverbs 31:8-9 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” (NIV)

To those of you, who can give, then give
To those of you who can pray, then pray
To those of you, who can write, then write about Somalia's Famine
But please do something!


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