Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reach For the Stars- And Follow Your Dreams

I woke up a few Saturdays ago to an overcast sky followed by rain all day.   A perfect day to be lazy, which in our home on a September Saturday meant watching football games or catching up on reading, that particular day I choose catching up on some reading.  I looked at the various magazines displayed on my end tables in the living room made a selection and settled into a comfortable chair.  I am sure that you can surmise that I had selected a woman’s magazine.  I have been reading this particular woman’s magazine for quite some time and the one thing that has been consistent with this publication is that it continually inspires women to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.  One article in particular just seemed to stay with me; it was the story about I had a simple idea that ended up becoming a viable successful business with the strong inner confidence and strength displayed by the women along with the support from her family members and friends to follow her dream.

As women we all have dreams and for whatever the reason may be we find ourselves putting our dreams on a shelve labeled one day, not now.   And trust me that is ok, but what is not ok is to leave those dreams on that shelf and be satisfied with simply talking about once I had dreamed of doing this. I believe that we are all capable of second acts; we simply need to believe in ourselves and surround ourselves with people we can trust to tell us the truth and to ask us the tuff questions that we wouldn’t ask ourselves.

If you are truly interested in reaching for the stars and following your dreams, whether it be now, tomorrow, or a year from now don’t give up on your dreams. Read those stories about other women who have followed their dreams… their stories are out there. I know that I have been inspired by their stories and I am on the path to following my dreams.


Enjoy every minute of your second act it will be quite an exciting dance!

*A woman named Holly Robinson Peete with a very special organization:
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Keep your heart with all diligence… Ponder the path of your feet. –Proverbs 4:23, 26

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