Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Is Family?

What is family? Was I asking myself this question because of the eminent holiday season, a time in which so many of us find ourselves gathered together with our family members? And for some it can be a time in which it is “for better or for worst”. For many of us it is not TV’s Cosby family, the typical Hallmark family or even the Blue Bloods’, Regan family. This fictional cop family clearly demonstrates what their family is all about. Each show ends with the family having dinner together on a Sunday at the home of the patriarch.  This act of praying and breaking bread together is a reminder of what family is all about.

Too often we get caught up in what was said and not said, or what we think should have been done or not done by a family member. We lose sleep over it… we stop talking to one another and can’t even remember the last time we uttered a civil word to each other... because of what? over what? And now the holidays are here and just because it is Thanksgiving or Christmas we are all of a sudden suppose to be this big happy family? Well, as anyone who has ever experienced a ‘dust up’ over the holidays knows, that the “suppose” to be, holiday family doesn’t work.

What does work is supporting each other, listening to each other, sharing with genuine truth and honesty, not having the fear of being judged; knowing that in a spirit of love you can be told that you were wrong. Each one of us who is a part of a family unit knows the areas in which we need to work on to strengthen our family and ourselves. May we strive to pray and break bread together and always have the ability to cry together and to laugh together like only a family can do. Not just as ‘Seen On TV’, but also in the real world.


To Families everywhere have a Wonderful Christmas!
And may it be filled with Love, Joy and Peace
Throughout the New Year!

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