Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Photos

A few weeks ago I began to do some “spring” cleaning, changing things around and adding some new pieces to some of my rooms. I must say that I borrowed a page out of my sister-in- law’s playbook. Her guest bedroom is surrounded by family photos on the wall, her bookshelf and tables. On a December visit last year to her home I remembered the warmth that I felt sleeping and getting dressed in her guest bedroom… I was surrounded by family history.

As I began gathering various family photos and placing them on the table in my guest bedroom, I said to myself I hope that my guest will also feel what I felt sleeping in my sister-in-laws bedroom. The unique placement of photos in the bedroom is truly special and creates a great room to spend the night in. Now I must tell you that my sister-in-law’s guest bedroom tends to be pretty cold in the winter and a plug in heater is provided for extra heat. But I can confidently say that the warmth that I felt was generated by all of the family photos, it was a natural source of warmth.

I believe that family photos play a role in tracing our history and shedding some light on where we started. My sister-in-law has a large family and she has displayed many family photos throughout her home. Each time that I visit with her I end up inquiring about one of her photos. The history and stories behind the pictures are priceless.

If you have a guest bedroom or even if you don’t, carve out a special area in your home to prominently display your family photos… be creative! Go through those photo albums and boxes and pull out some photos to display, purchase a variety of frames with different tones and finishes and display your family history. I am sure that you will hear some family stories that you may not have heard before.


Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. -- Gail Lumet Buckley

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