Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Begin by loving again

Begin by loving again,
Begin by loving again;
When all that once mattered
Seems ruined and shattered,
Then begin by loving again.

The Lord sometimes gives and sometimes takes away,
There's happiness followed by pain;
But when hearts are breaking,
There's joy for the taking
In learning to love once again...

Words by Theodore E. Morrow
Photo By: Trish At Through the Viewfinder
Photo Title: Dark Circle of Love


Kayla Hammer said...

I realy liked that poem i know it may sound gay but i luv poetry.

Betty's Only said...

I love the photo and the poem. We need to learn how to love again. That is so true. We sometimes get hurt in relationships and never have forgiven. The next relationship is damaged because you never did any healing. I will begin to love again.

Betty's Only