Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wrap it up in 24 hours…

God told me that he made a day 24 hours for a reason. And that reason was for us to start life anew every morning with a clean slate. Each day is its own story. If we did not like the way today's story ended, then we have the opportunity to make the story end the way we want it to end the next day. This way we can expect to have, but are not guaranteed to have, thousands of attempts to get the ending of one day right and that's good news. 24 hours is all we get. Life is supposed to be a collection of individual short stories. Not an epic novel full of long chapters. No, we need to think in terms of sentences and paragraphs, that's all. When we limit our story to one day, we are urged to bring all conflicts and dramas to a conclusion or resolution. If we have offended someone or done wrong we must seek forgiveness to bring that story to a righteous end. And if we can not do that with the person(s) involved then we have to pray for God to forgive us. Start each day with, "Give us THIS DAY our DAILY bread". And end with, "forgive us... as we forgive those who have transgressed against us"... Wrap it up in 24 hours. If we can do this our daily health will soar.

Written by Ljn

Photo By: Trish At Through the Viewfinder

Photo Title: Cozumel Sunset

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