Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As July draws to a close…

I began reviewing in my mind all the significant events that have taken place this month. Our first 4th of July family barbeque in eleven years, yes you heard me right eleven years. For the last eleven years we have been returning from a business/pleasure trip too exhausted to think about let alone plan a big family barbeque. But this year we did it, even if we did have it on the 5th of July, our only granddaughter turning ten and celebrating her birthday miles away from Grammy and Pop-Pop, having that long over due “heart to heart” talk with my Mother (I love you Mom), my sister-in-law’s critical status after a “more than we had anticipated” heart by pass surgery and last but not least being blessed to celebrate another birthday… Whew!

After returning from visiting my sister-in-law in the rehab hospital and noting how far she has come since seeing her lying unconscious with tubes and machines all around her I was reminded of a poem that I had read in one of our local papers. I liked it so much that I cut it out and put it near my computer. My sister-in-law’s body is weak right now but her inner strength and faith in God is tremendously strong. The strength and faith that she has demonstrated to me has blessed me more than she could ever imagine… may God continue to bless her.


Body and Mind

My get up and go
got up and went,
I am exhausted
Yes, I am spent.
My energy walked
out the door,
I no longer can do
what I once did before.
My body is weak
But I find,
I’m still going strong
within my mind.
I thank God that I got
A mind that makes me
think a lot.
A mind that plays
the biggest part,
In keeping me young
At heart!

Written by Naomi Rappaport, 81

Photos By: Trish At Through the Viewfinder

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