Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happiness for me is…

I know that many of us at some point in time in our lives have experienced being unhappy. It does not take much thought or contemplation to recall how we felt when we deemed ourself to be in a “state of unhappiness.” We could also say where, when and what the circumstances were that produced this unhappy feeling.

We have all found ourselves considering what would make me a totally happy person? Or what would happiness for me look like? Many people have thought that having a lot of money, having the perfect job, house, car (fully loaded of course), an all expenses paid vacation and the list of “things” can go on and on and on.

If you stop for a moment and ask yourself this question, what would happiness not be for me? Would surly get you to start thinking about what true happiness for me is all about. This brings me to a recent conversation that I had with my daughter. We were discussing what kind of window treatments she wanted to put up in her new home. She responded to my inquiry with, I can tell you this, “I know what I don’t want at my windows.” I found myself saying to her well at least that’s a good start. She had focused more on knowing what she would not like, which in the end helped her to discover what would really make her happy.

I would like to leave you with my own personal revelation about what happiness is for me. Up until two years ago I was a very healthy active person and then out of no where I had a serious blow to the foundation of my health. Happiness for me is in the purely simplistic things that I had taken for granted all of my life such as breathing, standing, walking, and thinking.

But now EACH day and EACH moment is so precious to me. There is no such thing as just another Birthday, just another smooth jazz concert, just another sunset, just another raindrop, just another white cloud in the sky, or just another full moon…the list is ENDLESS. Sometimes we find ourselves in a continual state of dwelling on the “things” that we believe will make us truly happy, you need to break free of the “things” that will only provide a temporary state of happiness.Don't wait until the doctor walks into the room and states you have been diagnosed with______ before you discover what true happiness should be.


Think of the blessings we so easily take for granted: Life itself: preservation from danger; every bit of health we enjoy; every hour of liberty; the ability to see, to hear, to speak, to think, and to IMAGINE ALL THIS comes from the hand of God. - Billy Graham

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