Friday, August 15, 2008

Lord I offer you me

I don't have a mansion on the hill
I don't have a yacht at the dock
I don't have millions in the bank
I don't even drive a Rolls Royce
I don't have a seven carat diamond from Tiffany's
I don't even have a mink coat

Lord, I do have a heart for you, so I offer you, me today
I ask that you lead, guide, and direct my footsteps
Take over my thoughts I pray

Let, me live for you in a very special way
I want to shine in dark places with your love

I want you to be pleased with me from above
Lord, I do have a heart for you, so I offer you, me today
I don't always get it right and ask for your forgiveness

I don't always pray like I should but you are not far from my thoughts
I don't even read your Word like I should but, I offer you my heart
Lord I offer you me
Written By Cheryl Thomas on 08/07/08
Cheryl Thank you for sharing your poem with me.
Photos By Trish at Through the Viewfinder


writer50 said...

I would like to thank you for using the writing " Lord I offer me to you" I wanted to share what God had given me.
I like your blog so keep up the good work.


Tia said...

This poem reminds us of what God really wants from us. Our HEARTS... It seems as if it is easy to give in to everything else, yet we can surrender to the one who has created and given life.

Tia said...

Your photos stir up so many emotions in me. It reminds me of the joys and pains that the world has seen. It reminds me that things are the way we see them not how others may try to persuade your view.I feel inspired to live, to see, to explore. To experience more of life.....