Saturday, November 15, 2008

In sickness and in health…

Every day that I can raise my head, lift my legs, move my arms and see the rising and setting of the sun I am truly grateful.

I am especially thankful for yet another day to be with you. I know that this is not the way that we pictured it would be for me and for you.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your spirit; you will not allow me for one minute to feel down. And I thank you for that!

On the days when the pity party of frustration comes out of me, you know that I don’t mean to be abrupt with you. Somehow you are still able to pick me up and put me right back on track. And I thank you for that!

You have truly honored the vow in sickness and in health no matter how much I don’t want this for you. I know that there is nothing that I can do or could do to have you abandon your vow; you have demonstrated that to me time in and time out. And I thank you for that!
I thank you for always being true to yourself. You have never subscribed to doing what other people “think” you should do, or doing things just to make the greatest impression on people. You have always been who you really are and nothing more. And I love you for that!

Because of you I have experienced so much more, and broaden my horizons. I’ve come to know what living life truly is. And I thank you for that!

I am so very grateful for each day that I have with you. No, our life right now is not like what we thought it would be, but I could never imagine spending one day of my life with anyone else but you.

With all of my love,

Photos Courtesy of TLJN Archives

“In marriage you can’t make deals to spare each other, there is only for better or for worst.” – From the book In an Instant by Lee and Bob Woodruff.
Photos by Trish @ Through the Viewfinder


ladiezee said...

Hey Auntie,
I love this posting! I'm glad to see some pictures of you because you are so beautiful. Uncle always looks so cool. :-D Love you both!

Tljnicholas Photography With A Personal View said...

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Love you,