Saturday, January 24, 2009


LJN and I finally made our decision to attend the 56th Inauguration on Monday evening January 19th. We departed our home in the PA suburbs just outside of Philadelphia and headed to a Metro rail park and ride subway station. Having, of course, no hotel accommodations we were fully prepared for the unexpected and yet at the same time we truly felt that we were doing the right thing and that we should go. LJN and I have always tried to live life in the now and not in tomorrow or someday if we can help it.

We boarded the Metro rail subway at 1:15am checked the stops along the map and made a decision as to which stop we would get off at, as it turned out the stop that we had chosen had an entrance into a beautiful hotel. We entered the hotel to use the restroom and ended up sitting in the lobby, where we dozed off to sleep for awhile. About an hour or so later we were aroused by the aroma of coffee and a delicious smell of something being cooked that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I said to LJN “let’s follow the smell”!

Much to my delight we followed the smell to an early morning breakfast shop and filled our stomachs. As we were sitting there in the subway tunnel eating we began to see the people flooding off of the trains, young, old, men, women, couples, families with children and small babies. People gathering themselves in groups, all kinds of groups, school groups, foreign groups and tour groups… and most notably, tons and tons of young people. The two things that everyone had in common were being bundled up for the cold weather and getting to their destination very early. We all felt and wanted the same thing to be here at this time, to be apart of this historical moment, so much so, that we would brave the cold and the wind and stand for hours and hours to experience it.

I am blessed to have lived my life, especially now with LJN who has always believed in to know and experience life. And oh what an experience it was to attend the 56th Inauguration of America’s first Black President… it is a memory that I will always cherish. I am definitely glad that we did decide to go.


Photos By Trish & LJN @ Through the Viewfinder

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