Thursday, January 31, 2013

Off To a Slow Start

Yes I am off to a slow start this year courtesy of my MS. If you know anything about MS I believe that I am experiencing an MS attack or better known as in the MS community as exacerbations. Hopefully I will know for sure before the week is out.

There is an MS saying which has helped me to develop a philosophy of living with Multiple Sclerosis and it is simply this MS does not define who I am. I am certain that this mindset has played a role as to why I don’t share my MS side of life with you. Having said all of that I simply want to say Happy New Year.

If you feel like you’re off to a slow start this year rest assured I can tell you that some new year’s resolutions will be kept and some will not and changes will be made. There will be set backs, false starts and decisions that will need to be made… it is called life. So don’t dwell on the negative things.

As you embark upon the New Year remember to surround yourself with positive people, savor each moment of everyday and make a commitment to help others, by doing so you will end up helping yourself. There are many organizations that need your help so get involved in a cause and learn the true meaning of forgiveness.

I can’t wait to get back up on my feet and embrace 2013!


Just a few snapshots from my cell phone of some of my January moments…

                                       My night table view

                                                     Seafood dinner... Thanks El
                                          John Hopkins Neurology Center waiting room
                                      And for those of you who have MS remember these words

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