Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To All Mother’s

Last week I was watching a segment on the Today show about how much is Moms job really worth? I believe this same report has shown up on several other morning shows prior to Mother’s Day. This time the report pointed to a website called salary.com, where a stay at home Mom or working Mom could calculate how much she should be paid for the many “different” hats that she wears for her family.

Well, I am sure that you can see where I am going with all of this. And I don’t think I would be to far off the mark to say that many of us would be interested in finding out how much we would be paid, since curiosity about anything has never been at a loss when it comes to women…it’s in our DNA!

To all mother’s everywhere we hold a common thread and money it is NOT. The first cry of life in the delivery room, a life that you helped to bring into the world, that one and only special smile from your child, that says you mean the world to me, A child’s tight little arms wrapped around your neck when being frighten by a creak or a shadow in the night, your arms rocking them to sleep when their tummy and head is aching from the flu. The list of things that a Mother does for her family and all that she experiences with her children are simply PRICELESS!

No matter how they calculate our worth, there just isn’t any amount of money that you could pay any Mother, for she will always be a Mother and much more!


A mom's love is like a beautiful garden nurtured with love and caring. (Hallmark)

Mom, the older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have a wonderful mother like you.

But how can I put into words how much your love, encouragement, and faith in me have meant? (Hallmark)

Mom you’re an Angel
Just like those above.
Thank you for your
Patience, Protection, and Love.

No person has ever
Been so caring and warm.

Truly, Mom,
You’re an Angel in human form
Rachel Grace
Photos by Trish
Through the Viewfinder www.zazzle.com/meia7214N*
*** FYI A brand new Photography website is coming in June!
Happy Belated Mother's Day to all!

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